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It is a Mexican tradition, that on November 1st and 2nd, is believed that throughout these days, the borders between the world of the living and the dead fade away. To honor this tradition, we invite you to take a deep dive into an immersive experience that will stimulate all your senses and offers an opportunity for the old version of yourself to die and to be reborn in this RITUALITY (Ritual + VR).


In this special edition, 3 Mexican artistic collectives, “Virtual Awakening”, “Imaginarium Theater” and “Ritual Maya”; will join forces to guide you through a mystical journey of eco and self-awareness into XIBALBA (the Mayan underworld) and other universes, which aim to catalyze profound insights on Death and Dying. 

This ceremony will be open by “Ritual Maya” summoning the wisdom of Mayan elders, with their powerful outdoor performance and hypnotic music created with sacred instruments. Indoors “La Santa Muerte” will take you into the territory of the unknown with “Imaginarium Theater” and perform psychomagic acts to prepare you for the portal that “Virtual Awakening” is opening into the great  Mystery. 


Join us into this multi-sensorial journey between the worlds of ancient and modern technologies and let yourself be mesmerized by the technological wisdom of this synthesis

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Meet The Team

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