Increasing our death literacy through experiential learning


The Death Incubator is not just an experience.


It is an immersive & mindful deep dive into your beliefs, assumptions, and attitude towards death & dying.


“If you die before you die, then when you die you will not die.” If you can “die,” or let go of your ego now, then when you physically die you will not die—because you’re already “dead.”


Andrew Holecek

 Preparing to Die: Practical Advice

and Spiritual Wisdom from

the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition

why is this important?

The end of life is a profound and meaningful experience that we often fail to prepare for adequately.


The latest research on the transitions experienced in the dying process point to the benefits of increasing our death literacy.


We need training in order to expand our understanding of how to relate to end of life experiences.


The Death Incubator provides a psychologically safe space for curious explorers.


Here you can explore key questions related to death and dying to evolve your attitude and relationship with this inevitable experience.

The benefits of entering a Death incubator include:



  • Increased death literacy (including practical aspects, the psychological processes, the transpersonal features and a glimpse of non-duality).

  • Increased ecological awareness and our role in the bigger picture.

  • A deeper and broader understanding of the latest research & insights on the topic.

  • Awareness of helpful and unhelpful Individual / cultural assumptions around death & dying.

  • An opportunity to re-evaluate your understanding of your life's purpose and legacy.

  • Meeting the "Primordial Fear" and through this the option of a second chance at life (without the health scare).

  • Increased ontological depth perception. 




These benefits help both those dying and family members.



Context engineering


  • carefully engineered set and setting

  • optimized psychologically safe container.

  • care and compassion for self and for others woven throughout the experience



  • Vr NDE experience

  • interactive ar experience

  • binaural sound meditations



  •  sound bath

  • Intention setting

  • embodied practices 

  • grounding & integration practices

  • personal and group work


mindful 360 design

  • pre experience exercises

  • attention to intention

  • post experience integration practices


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continuing reflections

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death incubator

arrival @ 9:30am

Jamyang Centre, London


duration: (8hrs)

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Does it hurt?

No, it does not!!...


We are harnessing the transformative benefits of death and dying without the health scares or pains. 

Do I need technical skills for this?

You do require basic online skills to attend the webinars. 


We will take care of the rest with the VR and AR experience.

Is there an age limit?

Currently we are offering this experience to those 18 and above.

Is there anyone who cannot do the experience?

In principle, we believe that this experience is helpful for everyone. However, there may be certain circumstances that mean that this is not the right experience for you or may not be right at this time.


We take the time in our initial check-in call with you to determine if this experience is right for you.

What preparation do I need to do?

Our unique process provides you with a curated preparatory exercise set. 


The more you do, the richer your experience will be. 


The webinars are designed to keep you on track with your explorations. 

Tamara Russell






Jose Montemayor Alba


- Multidisciplinary ARTIST


Recommended books


Dr. Peter Fenwick


- neurophysiologist 

- nde & end-of-life expert


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