The Near-Death Experience is profoundly intriguing it has been reported to be a worldwide experience that can occur to anyone, no matter what race, cultural background or religious preferences. This experience could be the very engine that drives our ideas of what an afterlife could be. 

In seeking to solve the mystery of the near-death experience, researchers have put forward a number of theories regarding possible causes, although, it currently remains a mystical phenomenon that the materialistic scientific paradigm has trouble explaining.

However, many curious and fascinating minds have taken the incredibly challenging task of trying to scientifically study and prove this phenomenon. Among the most prominent researchers in this field, you find the work of Raymond A. Moody, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, Peter Fenwick, Bruce Greyson, Kenneth Ring, Michael Sabom, Sam Parnia, Eben Alexander, Jeffrey Long, Rick Strassman and David Lorimer.


Furthermore, due to the profound insights of this research in the global network, the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) was created to provide the highest quality information available about NDE-related subjects to the world wide web.

Hundreds of studies on people who have had an NDE show that, although is a personal experience, most people go through similar stages that transcends the boundaries of the physical plane.


These stages are known as feelings of peace, detachment/levitation (OBE), entering a tunnel, approaching the Light, meeting beings of light and dead relatives, being shown a panoramic Life review, then presented upon some kind of barrier which in some way marks a point of no return, followed by the point of decision, where usually people decide to come back because "its not their time yet", and finally the return to their physical body.

However, the NDE experience does not end when you are back into your physical body, as many people that have gone through this profound mystical experience report vivid memories and transformative insights that dissolved their fear of dying, although they don't particularly want to die, is as if they value life even more and have a renewed sensed of purpose. 

This evidence has profound implications that suggest that death is not the end, but rather only the beginning of a very profound transformation that our consciousness undergoes at the end of life in the material plane. 


 "Death is only the Beginning" aims to conceptualize the essence of this journey through a multisensorial immersive Virtual Reality experience, which evokes awareness towards this mystical phenomena, and makes use of Virtual Reality as an empathy machine to raise our ontological and ecological awareness through a Life review that confronts the viewer with a broader understanding of the current global crisis in a reflective manner.


Please find below a link to a page with further research and resources on the NDE phenomena, in case you would like to dive more into the depths and origins of the NDE research. 

It is important to remark that due to the extreme complexity of simulating an NDE that can resonate with most people we had to generalize by using some of the most common aspects of the NDE phenomena reported in the medical and parapsychological literature.


 We don't have any intentions whatsoever to replace the real experience due to its very personal and mystical nature.


Another important thing to remark is that we are not trying to impose our personal beliefs about Death to people with this experience, but rather using this experience as an immersive and interactive contemplative practice that deepens peoples own perception of Death and Dying and help them to move towards a deeper appreciation of Life itself. 







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